Hello dear family, friends and friends-to-be!

I welcome you to join me in my journey of a beautiful unique handmade personalized art craft that I started since August 2016.

I create and design greeting cards for any occasions and festivals personalized according to your needs and wishes or what the recipient will love. I also create special bookmarks for my wonderful readers, Bride-to-be or Hen Party sashes and inspiring artwork. In other words, arts for any season or reason!!

The journey in Art craft has been something where more and more people especially the younger generation has started appreciating as people in general are losing their sense of human touch. With the advancement of science and technology, the value of giving your loved one something that was made with love and full of enthusiasm, brings meaning to life and relationships. The after effect of seeing your loved one smiling and sometimes crying tears of joy and love are the kind of moments you will always treasure. 

Please do enjoy going through my blog and hope you will take time to cherish each and every moment with your loves ones! Most happy and honored to serve you!

With much love and peace,

Tanusha Suvashini a.k.a Tuna